C&S Sacramento

If you or someone you care about is struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, we can provide hope. We have a way out!

Today, addiction is at an all time high. For the alcoholic or addict, their families, their friends, their employers and everyone they touch...life becomes like living in a war zone. It doesn't matter what the addiction is...alcohol, cocaine, crack, heroin, oxycontin, methamphetamine, opiates, speed, or other prescription drugs we have ALL the components to stop this madness, once and for all. Let us help you to re-create your life.

Seventy-five years ago Alcoholics Anonymous was founded with 2 alcoholics helping each other stay sober. To date nothing has had the success that AA and NA have had in helping people recreate their lives while living clean & sober.

The foundation of 12-step recovery remains absolutely the same as in 1935. However, there have been significant improvements created to assist and quite frankly improve the overall success rate for sobriety.

CLEAN & SOBER Transitional Living is the oldest and largest comprehensive singular resource in Northern California for recovery. Founded in 1989, they have helped over 6000 men & women recreate their lives. Their 20+ years of experience has resulted in a truly unique approach to recovery that works. Situated in Fair Oaks, California, CSTL offers individuals and their families the 4 primary components for getting sober and more importantly "staying &living" clean and sober... Intervention, Detox, Residential Treatment, and Sober Living.

Many people are in denial about the severity of their addiction. Television series such as "Intervention" and "Addicted" show the process that many families have to endure. C&S has been featured on both shows. Our interventionist is not only qualified with superior credentials, her years of experience and being in recovery herself, puts her at the top of the class.

"Cold Turkey" detoxing is not only very dangerous, it usually doesn't work. We work with a few local detoxes that offer safe, confidential and a caring environment with a medical component for successful withdrawal from alcohol and drugs. First and foremost they only accept a few clients at a time. This creates a very personal detox experience.Individualized exit plans are offered to direct the person to the best course they should take next.

Now that the body is getting better what's next? Experts agree that rehab is essential, but what type? Clean & Sober Residential Treatment is a 28 day program where clients learn about the disease of addiction and what is required to establish and maintain sobriety. With over 40 hours a week of individual and group treatment sessions (over twice as much required for California certification), 12 step meetings and family education our program effectively prepares people on how to "live" sober. A serene environment located on 2 acres, individualized 1 on1 sessions, outstanding meals prepared by our chef, recreational areas including a pool and the ever so important family education and involvement makes our program extremely effective.

Sounds great...but do you want to drastically increase the odds for success, Sober Living is the last piece of the puzzle. Sober Living is a community of 17 beautiful homes where people from all walks of life, in different stages of recovery, live and support each other's quest for sobriety. Many of us need the time to build our foundation for true sobriety. Leaving the "cocoon" of rehab and going directly back into our daily lives is sometimes not enough for success. Getting back into life with daily attendance of AA or NA meeting still leaves many hours of the day us to be on our own. Living with people in recovery themselves bridges our return to life. Whether its 5PM or 2AM there is someone close by who knows what you are going through. Sober Living residents are held accountable and participation in 12 step recovery is mandatory along with "zero" tolerance for any form of alcohol or drugs. Afternoon and evening AA & NA meetings are held daily in the "meeting room" of the main house. Residents are encouraged to work or go to school and 2 day weekly passes are available to spend quality time with family and friends. Sober Living isn't just a single house where residents are only required to take a "pledge" to be clean and sober. We are a community that is run by the peers and for the peers...we have a residential congress that establishes our rules and agenda, house managers, and a residential judicial committee that oversees the conduct of our residents. We are active participants' with the city of Fair Oaks and are considered a "valuable resource" by the city itself. Our concept is not to just stay "dry"; it is to learn how to "live".

Any reputable source, private or governmental, states that the success rate of long-term sobriety, for people just going to rehab is far less than 50%. Our modalities, working together, increases the odds significantly. Our system works!

You may now be saying it makes sense but what's the "bottom line"?

Here is the good news with our size and experience all phases of CSTL are exceptionally affordable. In fact our fees are about half the average fees charged for these services in California. Simply put, we are the leader and have set the standards of what recovery services should be.

Take the time to watch our videos and see why we work and what some of our residents, former residents, and recovery experts have to say about us. You can follow us on http://www.facebook.com/CleanAndSoberSacramento.