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People who are in "early recovery" need to continue to strengthen their sobriety in a supportive environment. Clean & Sober Transitional Living is a community of adults who share the intention of achieving long-term freedom from drugs and alcohol. We offer a safe, secure, supportive and affordable sober living environment in the Sacramento area where residents can strengthen their recovery, learn how to prevent relapse and build a strong foundation for a life free from drugs or alcohol. Call us at (916) 961-2691 to learn more.

Watch this coverage from KCRA-3 to see how we work.

Note!  We are NOT the Clean & Sober Homeless Recovery Community in Sacramento. Our recovery houses are located in lovely residential neighborhoods in the Fair Oaks and Orangevale area. The "Main House" of Clean & Sober Transitional Living is located at 8938 Madison Avenue in Fair Oaks, California. Look for the "One Day at a Time" on the Meeting House just east of the intersection of Hazel and Madison. The Main House is flanked by Phase I housing. Phase II houses are in nearby residential neighborhoods.

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Clean & Sober Recovery Services, Inc. is part of a powerful continuum of care that supports recovery from alcoholism or addiction. We offer confidential, dignified and respectful inpatient or outpatient rehab programs to help you or your loved one find sobriety and recovery. We can help you with detox and residential or intensive outpatient treatment, followed by recovery housing in the Clean & Sober Transitional Living community.

We are located close to downtown Sacarmento. Visit us here, or call Clean & Sober Recovery Services at (916) 990-0190 for a free, confidential assessment to learn how we can help with your drug or alcohol treatment.

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Intervention & Detox

An intervention is a process that helps people understand how their drug or alcohol use has become destructive to themselves or others. The goal of an intervention is to lovingly and respectfully encourage a loved one to seek help for their addiction to drugs or alcohol. An intervention is often the first step in helping a person recognize the need for change and treatment. Call Clean & Sober Recovery Services at (916) 990-0190 for assistance.

As part of an intervention, family and friends are educated about substance abuse so they can support their loved one’s recovery process in an informed and unified way. If you need help with an intervention, Clean & Sober Recovery Services will work with you to find professional assistance.

Dependency on drugs and alcohol may call for a medically-supervised detoxification (“detox”) that reduces physical comfort while monitoring health and safety. Detox, ranging from five to ten days in length, is often necessary before an individual can benefit from treatment. We can help you determine if a medical detox is necessary.  Call Clean & Sober Recovery Services at (916) 990-0190 for assistance.

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CSTL's Don Troutman on "Why it Works"

Clean & Sober Transitional Living provides a safe and sober community to establish a solid foundation for real and lasting sobriety. We are not just a "sober house". We are a community of men and women working or attending school with one common goal: a life free of alcohol and other drugs.

You can "meet" CSTL and some of our residents in this 2017 coverage from KCRA-3. And then call us to learn more: (916) 961-2691.