Sober Living Sacramento

People who are in "early recovery" from addiction to alcohol or addiction to drugs need to continue to strengthen their sobriety in a supportive environment. Clean & Sober Transitional Living is a community of adults who share the intention of achieving long-term freedom from drugs and alcohol. We offer a safe, secure, supportive and affordable sober living environment in the Sacramento area where residents can strengthen their recovery, learn how to prevent relapse and build a strong foundation for a life free from drugs or alcohol. We've provided sober living in Northern California since 1989. Call us at (916) 961-2691 to learn more.

General Manager Jeanie explains how how sober living can help you build a strong recovery from addiction or alcoholism, even if you are just "tip-toeing" into recovery.

Watch this coverage from KCRA-3 to see how we work.

Note!  We are NOT the Clean & Sober Homeless Recovery Community in Sacramento. Our recovery houses are located in lovely residential neighborhoods in the Fair Oaks and Orangevale area. The "Main House" of Clean & Sober Transitional Living is located at 8938 Madison Avenue in Fair Oaks, California. Look for the "One Day at a Time" on the Meeting House just east of the intersection of Hazel and Madison. The Main House is flanked by Phase I housing. Phase II houses are in nearby residential neighborhoods.

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